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Tesla Urges US Government to Invest in Nickel, Copper Mining

Electric Vehicle Charging

Amid concerns about a global shortage of the minerals needed to produce electric vehicle batteries, electric car manufacturer Tesla is urging the U.S. government invest in nickel and copper mining. Tesla needs stable, long-term access to mined resources including lithium, copper and nickel in order to produce electric vehicle batteries and other parts. The company… Read more »

The Race Is on to Start Mining the Moon

Full Moon

Humans have been extracting valuable minerals from the Earth since the dawn of civilization. During the Neolithic Age, our early ancestors extracted flint and malachite from deep shafts dug in the soft chalk deposits of prehistoric Europe. In Egypt, humans have been mining copper since about 3000 BCE. Today, mining companies here in Missouri are… Read more »

Rising Demand Sparks Renewed Interest in U.S. Cobalt mining

Cobalt Ore

According to London-based research firm CRU Group, global consumption of cobalt in 2011 was roughly 75,000 tons. In 2018, cobalt consumption exceeded 122,000 tons. This precious metal is used to make everything from jet engines to the lithium-ion batteries in our phones, and as a result cobalt consumption is on pace to rise 8-10 percent… Read more »

New Anti-Icing Trucks Hit the Road in Minnesota

Salt Truck

The Midwest may be in the grips of an icy polar vortex of historic proportions, but road crews in St. Louis County, Minnesota have a new tool in the fight against winter weather. Earlier this week, the county department of public works announced that they’re preparing to deploy four new trucks that use an innovative… Read more »

Viburnum, Missouri Will Celebrate Old Miners’ Days This Weekend

Historic Miner

Lead mining has been an important part of Missouri’s history for more than three centuries, and this weekend the community of Viburnum will celebrate this rich heritage during the 32nd annual Old Miners’ Days festival. Hosted in conjunction with the Doe Run Company, this three-day festival includes a mining equipment exhibition, musical performances, a parade,… Read more »

Missouri S&T Engineering Researchers Work to Improve Mine Safety


A team of researchers from the engineering department at the Missouri University of Science and Technology is conducting a series of tests that could make coal mines safer places to work. The tests will use explosives to test the integrity of the concrete seals that miners build to close underground tunnels. When these seals are… Read more »

Three Modern Architectural Marvels

We understand that construction work isn’t easy; that’s why we thought we would celebrate some of history’s most amazing architectural marvels, which have been keeping audiences in awe all over the world. The Laerdal Tunnel Norway is the site of the world’s longest road tunnel, The Laerdal Tunnel, the construction of which was mandated by… Read more »

Building Telepresence in the Construction Industry

Telepresence is more important than ever for construction companies, as video conferencing and mobile communication promotes faster collaboration and improved operations. You can improve the flow of communication within your construction project team by building a stronger telepresence. Here’s how. Video Communication Smartphone technology has greatly improved industries of business. From this simple device project… Read more »

Crane Power Technology in the Resurrection of a Stadium

Miami Dolphins fans can enjoy some R&R while they watch their home team’s games in a completely renovated Hard Rock Stadium thanks to the power of the multi-crane system. The stadium renovation included a top to bottom comb through, including the demolition of current lighting and scoreboard features, structural cable installation, temporary shoring design, and… Read more »

Benefits of Used Construction Equipment

Purchasing used construction equipment is a practical option for many contractors. With so many different machines needed for different jobs, it can be difficult, and expensive, to purchase all of the equipment you might need. Buying used construction equipment comes with a variety of benefits, including reduced costs. Reduce Overall Costs Purchasing used equipment is… Read more »