Driving Safely Through Construction Zones

Construction SafetyWhen you’re driving home from work and you come upon a construction zone, your first response is probably to groan: ugh, more traffic! But, it’s very important to stay alert and drive safely through construction zones.

Here are some tips for staying safe the next time you’re sharing the road with a construction crew.

The most important thing you need to do when you’re driving through a construction zone is increase your following distance. It’s possible that the cars in front of you will be forced to come to an abrupt stop while they’re driving through, and if you’re tailgating the car in front of you, you could cause a fender bender.

Always follow the instructions from the workers who are directing traffic. They are the ones who are creating a traffic pattern within the construction zone and they have a system that works.

When you see a sign for a lane closure up ahead, merge to your left or right as soon as you safely can. One of the leading causes of accidents in a construction zone is drivers who hastily merge because they didn’t plan ahead.

Uneven pavement is often a concern in construction zones: gravel surfaces, uneven pavement, and exposed manholes can make driving through a construction zone a bit treacherous. Drive safely and slowly to avoid getting a flat tire or kicking up stones. Uneven pavement can cause your car to jerk to one direction unexpectedly so keep your hands firm on the steering wheel.

You really need to make sure you slow down and remain alert: construction zones typically disrupt traffic patterns in the area so you have to pay attention. Plus, other drivers might not drive responsibly which can cause accidents by moving too quickly or not following the crew’s directions so keep your eye on those cars as well.

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