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Looking at Crusher Types – Part II

Last week we wrote about three common types of crushers that one might find in construction or mining. Here are three more common types of crushers and a little bit more information about how they differ from one another. Hammer Crusher The hammer crusher lays the hammer, both figuratively and literally. The crusher of this… Read more »

Looking at Crusher Types – Part I

Anyone who works regularly in mining or aggregate material production is familiar with crushers. They take the raw material and break them down to a size that is easier to transport or work with for the end consumer. These machines are often used on site, and create a consistent and refined end product. Did you… Read more »

Crushers: Breaking Down the History of these Machines

Rock crushers are now so commonly used in industries like mining and construction that it may be hard to imagine working without them. It was only during the early part of the 19th century, however, that the first mechanical rock crusher designs were developed. The first U.S. patent to be issued for a crusher was… Read more »