Get Back Up and Running Fast with Our Repair Service

It can be very frustrating when working on a job and your hydraulic drill or rock crushing equipment has a malfunction and stops working. This usually leads to a delay in work and a big headache for whoever is in charge. The next time this happens, instead of losing time and money while waiting for someone to repair it, call the experts at Rackers Equipment.

Rackers TruckWith our drill and breaker repair service, any time your hydraulic equipment breaks down, our experts can help you get it fixed quickly, allowing you to get back to work fast. Most of the time when malfunctions or breakdowns happen, it usually requires a simple fix, but if you’re not sure of what is going on, it could be impossible to repair on your own. That’s why we are more than willing to help you diagnose and fix the problem with just a simple phone call. We can often tackle common problems and issues by phone, so give us a call first and see if it’s something that can easily be handled.

If it isn’t a quick fix, we can still help. Our on-site repair expert can travel to your location and take a look at the failed equipment. We will try to diagnose and repair your problem at your job site, helping you keep moving along faster without the need to transport your machinery back to a repair shop if at all possible.

Sometimes, however, an in-shop repair is unavoidable, and at our repair facility we can make any adjustments, replacements and testing needed to fully diagnose and repair the problem for good. There’s no need to worry about finding a part somewhere else for the fix, either, as we have a large variety of replacements parts available at our shop. We’ve been working with equipment like this for years and have the experience and knowledge you’ll need to get your drill, crusher, breaker or any other heavy equipment back up and running at full capacity again so that you can move on with completing your project.

Along with our drill and breaker repair, Rackers Equipment also offers new and used heavy-duty construction equipment to make sure no matter what the job, you’re able to complete it on time and successfully. For more information on our products or services, call us today at 573-635-8700!