How to Store Your Forklift for the Winter

Putting away your heavy equipment for the winter can be a tough task, but there are ways to doing it properly. There are steps to take when preparing and storing your forklift for the winter, so that when you’re ready for the spring season, you won’t have to deal with any problems with your equipment.

Storing a forklift in the winter

Preparation for the Winter

The first thing you should do to prepare is to take your battery out forklift and store in a dry, clean place. Leave it connected to a battery maintainer to ensure that it is fully charged for the next season.

Selecting the right storage space is extremely important if you don’t already have a designated spot within your own property. An indoor storage space with level cement floor is the best place for your forklift. Make sure to leave windows open a tad to allow for proper airflow, so that mold and mildew won’t grow.

Checking the fluids in your forklift is essential for preparation. If your engine oil is thick, it might mean you need to change the oil before storing. Top off all of your other fluids.

Wash your forklift. It’s always nice to give your equipment a good washing before storing. When you take it out for the spring, you won’t have to look at a muddy or caked forklift that you’ll have to wash before using. Run the forklift one last time.


It’s always a good idea to check in on your forklift during the winter months. This means you can get a tune-up during the downtime as well. This will help prevent damages to the forklift as the temperatures drop during the cold months. Have your mechanic check everything from tire pressure, plugs, coolant, ignition switch, etc.

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