Preventing Rust on Your Construction and Mining Equipment

The last thing we want to see on any of our machinery or equipment is rust. So how can we prevent it?

To start, it helps to understand how rust builds up. Rust occurs when iron suffers from open-air oxidation, but what does this mean? It means that rust is the result of the iron materials that make up your machinery and equipment reacting with water and oxygen to create iron oxide. This can occur below paint, even, causing the surface to puff out and bubble up before beginning to flake off, exposing red, rusty metal that can expand and leave your equipment weakened and corroded.

However, there are numerous ways to prevent rust, and we would like you to know!

Commercial Rust Prevention Products

These types of items are sold all over and are commonly found in aerosol cans or come as gels and liquids that you can apply to your tools and machinery. Follow the instructions on them to give your stuff the best chance at not rusting.

Rust Inhibitor Coating

A rust coating is perfect to prevent rust from happening but can often be used on items that show a few signs of starting to fall victim to rust. Applying this protective layer will help control rust and corrosion or prevent early rust problems from expanding and worsening.

Wash and Wax

Just as you do with your car, washing and waxing your equipment regularly can help protect it – and make it look great! Cleaning can remove dirt and debris from the surface that can attract moisture, while waxing adds a thin protective layer of was over the body of your machinery, keeping it isolated from exposure.


If you have a private enclosure where you store your machinery between jobs, consider using a dehumidifier in the area. These units pull moisture out of the air, which can help prevent exposure to water in the air while your equipment isn’t in use.

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