Scraping the Surface of Different Scraper Types

Scraper TypesIf you are working on a large construction job that requires you to do earthmoving at any point, you are going to want to have a scraper on site to do it.

Scrapers are heavy-duty machines that can be used for digging and hauling earth and minerals from one part of a job site to another, as well as leveling out those materials. They typically have very large rubber tires and are often motorized – though some are tow-behind machines – and allow you to quickly and easily move product around your site to get the job done. There are four major types of scrapers, though, each offering distinct advantages for different operations. Before you decide to invest a new or used scrape, let’s explore the options with some help from Heavy

Single-Engine Wheeled Scrapers

The single-engine wheeled scraper is perhaps the most common type of scraper. It consists of a bowl, an apron that is drops over a load of earth for transport, and an ejector that relies on hydraulics to get rid of a load once you have successfully moved it. With hydraulics, each separate function can operate separately, as well, making these exceptionally versatile machines.

Dual-Engine Wheeled Scrapers

Dual-engine wheeled scrapers are another great option if you are hauling earth for a short distance. This type of scraper has two engines, with one controlling the front wheels and the other powering the rear. This style of scraper is also highly effective for short hauls and narrow cut-and-fill areas on job sites.

Elevating Scrapers

Rather than rely on an apron like other scrapers, an elevating scraper uses an elevator that is either hydraulically or electrically driven. This elevator loads materials into a raised bowl that can then dump out a load by sliding the bowl’s floor backwards, with the elevator capable of being reversed to help evenly and completely finish an offload.

Pull-Type Scrapers

Finally, pull-type scrapers are not motorized at all. Instead, these are towed behind other machines on site, but offer the advantage of being more capable of operating in wet, soft and sandy conditions. By not having its own driving capabilities, this can also make it easier to keep from getting stuck in messy terrain, which means the pull-type can be quite useful in rainy climates and springtime weather.

Regardless of which type of scraper you decide to buy, you will find that it will come in handy on all of your mining, quarry and other projects. At Rackers Equipment, we offer scrapers from a long list of leading industry manufacturers, including John Deere, Caterpillar and Telex, and we can help connect you with the scraper that will work best for you. Contact us at 573-635-8700 or shop our scraper inventory online now to learn more.