Heavy Equipment Used in Mining Jobs

The mining industry provides raw materials, minerals, and metals critical to our economy. It creates jobs and provides the world with products modern society needs to prosper. Mining can be a complex and dangerous endeavor with industry-specific tools and machinery.

Here are three basic types of equipment that the mining industry relies on heavily.

Haul Trucks

Haul trucks are used in above-ground mining to carry loose soil and earth to different locations. Miners can also use them for digging, pushing, or transporting earth materials and require a specialized operator to use them. A haul truck is considered heavy-duty equipment that works hand in hand with bulldozers, removing waste material and enabling excavators to remove the minerals of interest. They play an important role in the mining industry because they are specifically designed for faster and more practical material removal.


Crushing equipment is specially designed to break down hard rock matter or gravel to a manageable size for transportation. This equipment can also move heavy rock and stone. In a strip-mining operation, the run of mine (ROM) material is usually transported to the primary crusher by haul trucks. In underground mining operations, ROM is conveyed to the primary crusher. Crushing equipment reduces the costs of handling larger materials, making them critical to the mining industry.

Mining Drills

Mining drills assist in creating holes underground for mining work where the rocks and minerals are located far beneath the surface. If miners are required to work below the surface, drills can ensure the holes are large enough to serve as an entrance for them. Mining drills are the most common equipment used by miners and are essential in the underground mining process.

Reaping the rewards of mining would not be possible without these basic types of mining equipment. Rackers Equipment Company can supply you with these tools if you’re considering investing in a new drill or have decided that used machinery is fine for your needs. Call (573)635-8700 to contact a knowledgeable equipment supplier and get to work with the proper tools to succeed.