Screening Systems for Mining Quarry Operations

Screening equipment is an essential part of any modern quarry operation. It can be tempting to delay upgrading or replacing worn or damaged screening equipment, but this can quickly become expensive due to losses in efficiency. Fortunately, you can solve that problem easily by purchasing a new or used screening system from Rackers Equipment.

Importance of Screening

Screening EquipmentCrushers are used for the heavy work of producing usable aggregate from primary material. After passing through the primary crusher, the crushed material must be screened to classify it into grades for further crushing or final stockpiling. The efficiency of the screening process has a big impact on the efficiency of the overall operation and the volume of material that can be produced. The faster and more efficiently material can be screened, the more material can be processed each day – and that means more profitability.

Updating Screening System

A screening system that is not properly sized or that has gotten worn from excessive use can quickly become a bottleneck that slows the entire quarry operation. There are a number of parameters involved in having an efficient screening process, including rotation direction, stroke, speed and angle of inclination. Screen media types can also impact the efficiency of the screening system. Once limited to steel wire or plate, screen media is now also available in polymers and hybrid forms that offer improved durability and longevity. A new screening system is an investment can quickly pay for itself through improved efficiency and higher production volume.

Rackers Equipment has been providing our customers with quality equipment since 1989. We maintain a diverse inventory of screening equipment to meet the needs of quarry operators and contractors. Our used screening equipment is from top manufacturers, including Seco, Eljay, CedaRapids, Tyler, Simplicity and Norberg, and all of our equipment is in good condition. Call Rackers Equipment today at 573-635-8700 to order equipment or to learn more about any item in our inventory.