Apron vs. Vibrating Feeder: Pros and Cons of Each

Feeders are an important part of material handling systems. They control the flow of the materials, helping to expedite and control operations in a variety of industries. One question that comes up frequently is whether it is better to use an apron feeder or a vibrating feeder. There are the pros and cons to each… Read more »

Get Back Up and Running Fast with Our Repair Service

It can be very frustrating when working on a job and your hydraulic drill or rock crushing equipment has a malfunction and stops working. This usually leads to a delay in work and a big headache for whoever is in charge. The next time this happens, instead of losing time and money while waiting for… Read more »

Rackers Used Equipment

Keep on Trucking with Our Used Inventory

At the Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion in Rollag, Minnesota in early September, Bill Forester of Versailles, Missouri showed off a 100-year-old Minneapolis Threshing Machine Co. tractor that he has helped to completely restore during the last few years. As Detroit Lakes Online reports, the tractor is no longer used for its original purpose, but… Read more »

How New Tech Could Innovate the Quarry Mining Industry

With technology constantly advancing, industries are always looking for ways to utilize the latest devices and innovations to help their businesses grow. Drones are one of the technologies many are looking into as their uses are becoming more and more vast as time goes on. One of the industries starting to adopt this technology is… Read more »

Largest Markets for Aggregate Materials

The market for aggregate materials in North America took a serious hit between 2007 and 2012, as did much of the wider construction industry. Demand fell from 3.8 billion metric tons in 2007 to 3.05 billion metric tons in 2012. While the industry is still playing catch-up from the impact of the Great Recession, there… Read more »

Crushers: Breaking Down the History of these Machines

Rock crushers are now so commonly used in industries like mining and construction that it may be hard to imagine working without them. It was only during the early part of the 19th century, however, that the first mechanical rock crusher designs were developed. The first U.S. patent to be issued for a crusher was… Read more »

The Internet of Things and What it Means to Mining

“The Internet of Things” receives a lot of buzz in the media these days, but most often the connected “things” being discussed are home appliances like televisions, refrigerators and thermostats. These developments in technology are also changing the way many businesses operate, though, and even impacts industries like mining. Mining has long been characterized by… Read more »

Go Back to School – Furukawa Drill School, That Is

Everyone knows that the Rackers Equipment Co. is the place to go for all of your heavy-duty equipment needs, but did you also know about our famous Furukawa Drill School? That’s right. Hosted by Rackers Equipment and our Furukawa technicians, the school is an excellent source for all drillers, new and experienced alike. Located in… Read more »

Global Demand for Aggregate Materials on the Rise

We came across some interesting news in Pit & Quarry recently about the increasing global demand for construction aggregates. According to the report, a study by The Freedonia Group projects that the worldwide market for construction aggregates will exceed more than 51 billion metric tons by 2019, recording growth comparable to that of the 2009-14… Read more »