Missouri S&T Engineering Researchers Work to Improve Mine Safety

A team of researchers from the engineering department at the Missouri University of Science and Technology is conducting a series of tests that could make coal mines safer places to work. The tests will use explosives to test the integrity of the concrete seals that miners build to close underground tunnels. When these seals are… Read more »

Three Modern Architectural Marvels

We understand that construction work isn’t easy; that’s why we thought we would celebrate some of history’s most amazing architectural marvels, which have been keeping audiences in awe all over the world. The Laerdal Tunnel Norway is the site of the world’s longest road tunnel, The Laerdal Tunnel, the construction of which was mandated by… Read more »

Building Telepresence in the Construction Industry

Telepresence is more important than ever for construction companies, as video conferencing and mobile communication promotes faster collaboration and improved operations. You can improve the flow of communication within your construction project team by building a stronger telepresence. Here’s how. Video Communication Smartphone technology has greatly improved industries of business. From this simple device project… Read more »

Crane Power Technology in the Resurrection of a Stadium

Miami Dolphins fans can enjoy some R&R while they watch their home team’s games in a completely renovated Hard Rock Stadium thanks to the power of the multi-crane system. The stadium renovation included a top to bottom comb through, including the demolition of current lighting and scoreboard features, structural cable installation, temporary shoring design, and… Read more »

How Mining Has Evolved Over the Years

Technological advances have changed the way we work and live, from having constant access to the internet to communicating often through text instead of in-person. Mining has changed drastically and somewhat remained the same over the years, due to ever-changing technology. Mining was pretty much the same from its inception, through the 1980s. A large… Read more »

Historic Hydraulics: A Look at the Development of Hydraulic Machines

Hydraulic equipment is now standard at construction sites, farms and mines around the world. Despite its near-universal acceptance, however, this hydraulic equipment has a relatively short history. Here’s a look at the development of hydraulic machines. Perhaps surprisingly, the earliest start of hydraulic technology dates back to ancient times, when water was used to power… Read more »

Looking at Crusher Types – Part II

Last week we wrote about three common types of crushers that one might find in construction or mining. Here are three more common types of crushers and a little bit more information about how they differ from one another. Hammer Crusher The hammer crusher lays the hammer, both figuratively and literally. The crusher of this… Read more »

Rackers Equipment mining stone crusher

Looking at Crusher Types – Part I

Anyone who works regularly in mining or aggregate material production is familiar with crushers. They take the raw material and break them down to a size that is easier to transport or work with for the end consumer. These machines are often used on site, and create a consistent and refined end product. Did you… Read more »

Lift Any Load With Rackers Equipment

Working in construction often requires a lot of heavy lifting power. There are a range of different pieces of equipment, though, that each offer specialized capabilities for different applications on-site. Luckily, Rackers Equipment has all the different lifting machines you may need, from cranes to forklifts to manlifts. Cranes Let’s start with the biggest and… Read more »