Sort with Ease with a New Screening System

Screening equipment is an essential part of any modern quarry operation. It can be tempting to delay upgrading or replacing worn or damaged screening equipment, but this can quickly become expensive due to losses in efficiency. Fortunately, you can solve that problem easily by purchasing a new or used screening system from Rackers Equipment. Crushers… Read more »

Recruiting Local Workers for Your Construction Company

Construction and drilling companies face regular employee turnover in addition to the loss of key employees to retirement as the workforce ages. Maintaining an experienced and skilled team of workers is essential for contractors and construction companies. Since drilling and construction are usually local operations, it makes sense to also have a focus on recruiting… Read more »

Crushers: Breaking Down the History of these Machines

Rock crushers are now so commonly used in industries like mining and construction that it may be hard to imagine working without them. It was only during the early part of the 19th century, however, that the first mechanical rock crusher designs were developed. The first U.S. patent to be issued for a crusher was… Read more »

The Internet of Things and What it Means to Mining

“The Internet of Things” receives a lot of buzz in the media these days, but most often the connected “things” being discussed are home appliances like televisions, refrigerators and thermostats. These developments in technology are also changing the way many businesses operate, though, and even impacts industries like mining. Mining has long been characterized by… Read more »

Go Back to School – Furukawa Drill School, That Is

Everyone knows that the Rackers Equipment Co. is the place to go for all of your heavy-duty equipment needs, but did you also know about our famous Furukawa Drill School? That’s right. Hosted by Rackers Equipment and our Furukawa technicians, the school is an excellent source for all drillers, new and experienced alike. Located in… Read more »

Global Demand for Aggregate Materials on the Rise

We came across some interesting news in Pit & Quarry recently about the increasing global demand for construction aggregates. According to the report, a study by The Freedonia Group projects that the worldwide market for construction aggregates will exceed more than 51 billion metric tons by 2019, recording growth comparable to that of the 2009-14… Read more »

Secure Cranes, Lifts and More for Your Spring Projects

Now that spring is arriving, contractors are preparing for a busy work season. Many times this also means needing to invest in equipment like cranes, forklifts, and manlifts to tackle large projects planned in the constructions season ahead. Having the right equipment is essential to ensuring your projects proceed smoothly and profitably. Inadequate or worn… Read more »

Fragmentation Key to Kicking Off New Operations

When starting a new mining project, companies can achieve the greatest efficiency if they make the effort to optimize their drilling and blasting processes from the beginning. As Aggregates Manager explains, fine tuning shot can affect the amount and size of material that is sent back to the plant. By achieving the best fragmentation size… Read more »