Autonomous Drones Find New Jobs at Mining Sites

Climbing on stockpiles with GPS equipment, piloting aircraft over mining sites, documenting the scene of an industrial accident, and using 3D imaging and laser for inspections—these are among the new jobs available to autonomous drones at mining sites. What Do Autonomous Drones Do for Mining? Autonomous drones are the latest tools mining companies are using… Read more »

Missouri Cobalt Strives to Become Ethical, Eco-Friendly Industry Leader

Missouri Cobalt isn’t just the operator of the biggest near-term primary cobalt reserve in North America—the company is also working hard to become an ethical, environmentally-friendly leader in the mining industry. According to CEO Michael Hollomon, “Missouri Cobalt is on a mission to become the industry leader in processing clean, green, ethically-produced battery materials to… Read more »

MoDOT is Giving Away Eight Historic Bridges for Free

Want something really unique to spruce up your property? You’re in luck. The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) is giving away eight historic bridges for free. According to a page on the department’s website titled “Free Bridges!” MoDOT, along with its local transportation partners, is looking for proposals to reuse bridges that could be replaced… Read more »

Missouri S&T Researchers Use Cannon to Test Mine Seals

This month, researchers at Missouri S&T who study mining and explosives engineering began using a cannon to test concrete mine seals. Their work could help improve seal design and keep miners safe while on the job. The research involves loading a cannon with projectiles, which they then shoot at the seals to test the resulting… Read more »

Missouri Quarries are Supporting Flood Recovery Efforts

In March of this year, major flooding along the Missouri River blew out levees, knocked out bridges and washed out roads and highways, causing significant damage to farms and rural communities throughout Missouri and neighboring states. According to the Missouri Department of Transportation, the flooding did more than $29 million in damage to roads and… Read more »

Fredericktown Cobalt Mine Approaches Peak Production

The Old Madison Mines in Fredericktown, Missouri, are approaching peak cobalt production for the domestic and international markets, according to Missouri Cobalt. Missouri Cobalt CEO Michael Hollomon says, “We have the largest near-term primary cobalt reserve in North America, and that’s not going anywhere.” Until the 1970s, the Fredericktown mines were a source of lead…. Read more »

MoDOT Approves Five-Year Road Improvement Plan

Missouri drivers, rejoice—on July 10, the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) approved a five-year Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP). The program includes 1,872 highway and bridge projects planned by state and regional agencies, 1,346 miles of pavement on major routes (plus 2,652 miles on minor routes), 1,014 miles of interstate pavement and 213 bridges. Starting… Read more »

Tesla Urges US Government to Invest in Nickel, Copper Mining

Amid concerns about a global shortage of the minerals needed to produce electric vehicle batteries, electric car manufacturer Tesla is urging the U.S. government invest in nickel and copper mining. Tesla needs stable, long-term access to mined resources including lithium, copper and nickel in order to produce electric vehicle batteries and other parts. The company… Read more »

The Race Is on to Start Mining the Moon

Humans have been extracting valuable minerals from the Earth since the dawn of civilization. During the Neolithic Age, our early ancestors extracted flint and malachite from deep shafts dug in the soft chalk deposits of prehistoric Europe. In Egypt, humans have been mining copper since about 3000 BCE. Today, mining companies here in Missouri are… Read more »

Rising Demand Sparks Renewed Interest in U.S. Cobalt mining

According to London-based research firm CRU Group, global consumption of cobalt in 2011 was roughly 75,000 tons. In 2018, cobalt consumption exceeded 122,000 tons. This precious metal is used to make everything from jet engines to the lithium-ion batteries in our phones, and as a result cobalt consumption is on pace to rise 8-10 percent… Read more »