Recruiting Hardworking Locals for Your Construction Company

Construction and drilling companies face regular employee turnover in addition to the loss of key employees to retirement as the workforce ages. Maintaining an experienced and skilled team of workers is essential for contractors and construction companies. Since drilling and construction are usually local operations, it makes sense to also have a focus on recruiting… Read more »

As Construction Continues Around the Country, Remember to Follow the Speed Limit

All over the country, construction is continuing to speed up. In many cities and on highways, this can be difficult for drivers to deal with traffic, especially if you have places to be. With large construction and mining equipment on the road, it’s important to remember to follow the safety rules and speed limits when… Read more »

Which Option is Best for You? New or Used Construction and Mining Equipment

Having a piece of equipment break down or completely fall apart in the middle of a project can really set you back. To replace it, you could go out and purchase a brand-new machine or you might be able to find one used. The problem is if they both will do the same thing, so… Read more »

Mining Equipment for rent

Getting Back to Work with the Right Equipment

We are in tough times right now dealing with the COVID-19 Pandemic. Many states around the country are looking to get back to work safely to help companies stay in business and not lose their livelihoods. In construction, it’s looking like we’re moving forward. For many companies, they need to look to renting heavy equipment… Read more »

Workers training

The Importance of Properly Training for Drilling Companies

If you want your company to be successful, it’s important for your employees to be properly trained in the trade. With handling tools and heavy machinery, workers are susceptible to injuries, and machines can break down. The way to prevent these things from happening or eliminating downtime with your tools is to properly train and… Read more »

Forklift for construction projects

The Benefits of a Forklift in Construction

A forklift is one of the most convenient construction machines on the planet. The best part about having access to a forklift while on a construction job is that no matter how small or large the project is, a forklift plays a major role in getting the job done with efficiency and accuracy. Here are… Read more »

training seminar with Rackers Equipment Company

A Training Seminar for Drillers and Mechanics

Drilling companies and mechanics are always operating different types of tools and machines, which need proper attention. Training and education on these tools can be extremely helpful for companies and their reputation. Rackers Equipment and Furukawa Rock Drill provide a training seminar every year. The Benefits of Training For your company, the greatest benefit coming… Read more »

Storing a forklift in the winter

How to Store Your Forklift for the Winter

Putting away your heavy equipment for the winter can be a tough task, but there are ways to doing it properly. There are steps to take when preparing and storing your forklift for the winter, so that when you’re ready for the spring season, you won’t have to deal with any problems with your equipment…. Read more »

man releasing drone for construction data

Autonomous Drones Find New Jobs at Mining Sites

Climbing on stockpiles with GPS equipment, piloting aircraft over mining sites, documenting the scene of an industrial accident, and using 3D imaging and laser for inspections—these are among the new jobs available to autonomous drones at mining sites. What Do Autonomous Drones Do for Mining? Autonomous drones are the latest tools mining companies are using… Read more »

Missouri Cobalt Strives to Become Ethical, Eco-Friendly Industry Leader

Missouri Cobalt isn’t just the operator of the biggest near-term primary cobalt reserve in North America—the company is also working hard to become an ethical, environmentally-friendly leader in the mining industry. According to CEO Michael Hollomon, “Missouri Cobalt is on a mission to become the industry leader in processing clean, green, ethically-produced battery materials to… Read more »