Staying Safe in the Spring Season

Now that the springtime is finally upon us, mines and quarries around the country that spent the winter dormant are coming back to life. This is great news for many of the seasonal workers who have been waiting for several months to get back on the job, but there are some potential health and safety… Read more »

Historic Hydraulics: A Look at the Development of Hydraulic Machines

Hydraulic equipment is now standard at construction sites, farms and mines around the world. Despite its near-universal acceptance, however, this hydraulic equipment has a relatively short history. Here’s a look at the development of hydraulic machines. Perhaps surprisingly, the earliest start of hydraulic technology dates back to ancient times, when water was used to power… Read more »

Forklifts: A Look at the Century-Long History of These Machines

Forklifts have become a necessity for many different companies around the country and across the world. Without them, it would be nearly impossible for companies to transport and store items that they keep in warehouses and other buildings. It would also make life very difficult on those who work in the construction and manufacturing industries…. Read more »

Making the Grade: Using Graders to Level Your Job Site

Leveling a job site is something that must be done as part of working at a quarry or mine, and even on many other construction sites. Heavy-duty graders – also commonly called road graders, maintainers and motor graders – are equipped with a long blade that is used to level out surfaces and make them… Read more »

Uses of Aggregates: From Quarry to Finished Products

Every year, the construction aggregates industry that is in charge of mining aggregates like crushed stone, gravel and sand produces billions and billions of dollars’ worth of aggregate materials. Back in 2013, the total value of the aggregates that were mined topped $17 billion, says Pit & Quarry, and the entire industry continues to be… Read more »

Bust the Rust: Keeping Corrosion Off Your Equipment

The last thing we want to see on any of our machinery or equipment is rust. So how can we prevent it? To start, it helps to understand why rusting happens. Rust occurs when iron suffers from open-air oxidation, but what does this mean? It means that rust is the result of the iron materials… Read more »

Looking at Crusher Types – Part II

Last week we wrote about three common types of crushers that one might find in construction or mining. Here are three more common types of crushers and a little bit more information about how they differ from one another. Hammer Crusher The hammer crusher lays the hammer, both figuratively and literally. The crusher of this… Read more »

Looking at Crusher Types – Part I

Anyone who works regularly in mining or aggregate material production is familiar with crushers. They take the raw material and break them down to a size that is easier to transport or work with for the end consumer. These machines are often used on site, and create a consistent and refined end product. Did you… Read more »

Winterizing Your Drilling Rig

There are few industries in the world that aren’t impacted at least slightly by the harsh elements of winter. The snow, ice and below zero temperatures can be a real burden to your employees during the frigid months, and that goes double for the equipment at your drilling rig site. Often times, poor insulation can… Read more »